I provide a complete editorial service for all forms of communication. Whether you have existing copy that requires rewriting or editing, or if you need your copy to be written from scratch, I can offer the service that’s right for you.

I pride myself on my extensive understanding of the English language, and my ability to use it to its full creative potential.


Clear, precise, and imaginative copy is essential for a contemporary website. It is also crucial that you hold your visitor’s attention while providing the information they require. And, of course, search engine optimisation (SEO) must be utilised effectively, but unobtrusively, in order to help maintain the visibility of the site.


Copy for magazines, newsletters, and periodicals should be engaging and creative, especially if the aim is to entertain as well as inform. Copy for reports has to be succinct and precise, while conveying all essential information in an accessible way.


Technical documentation should be tailored to meet the needs of the audience for which it is intended. Consumer instruction manuals must be easy to understand while communicating all essential information. Manuals aimed at specialist users have to be comprehensive and precise.


Creating copy for educational purposes requires close cooperation between the editor and the teacher or academic with whom they are working. The needs of the student are paramount and must never be compromised.

Marketing & Sales

Copy written for marketing and sales material should both inform and entice. Creative and effective sales copy will notify potential customers of what they can expect from a product and also illustrate why they will benefit from choosing you as the supplier.